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"I would recommend these sessions to anyone that is having issues with purpose, feeling stagnant or like there is something missing in life. Thanks again!" --Trent Lynwood  -more testimonials

christina Lavers, quantum healer

 dedicated to helping people live a more conscious, connected, and joyful life

29 years multidimensional experience

Create a life aligned with your heart and soul

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"Christina's professional yet gentle approach made me feel so safe and nurtured throughout the entire process. I am filled with gratitude for Christina's work and this journey, and I will be forever grateful that the universe brought me to her" L. Keating


Transforming your world from inside out

 Parts alignment, Shadow Work, Past Life Regression, HEART HEALING, Accessing Higher wisdom and guidance  

Accessing more of you to unveil a life of purpose, meaning and joy

Together we will use hypnosis to facilitate powerful internal shifts, and implement gentle practices, and achievable strategies that will assist you to shift from where you are to where you want to be.

Address issues that hold us back from living a creative, meaningful and joyful life

Hypnotherapy is a  powerful modality that can heal deep seated issues, and harness the power of our unconscious, and even our multi-dimensional self.

Areas can include, but are absolutely not limited to:

Healing internal conflict, feeling more connected,  accessing more joy, balance and self-love, building high levels of  confidence, harnessing more creativity and flow.

Addressing specific issues: anxiety, stress, grief, weight-loss, public speaking, changing habits, motivation, changing thinking patterns. 

And so much more

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Beyond Quantum Healing

BQH A heart based modality

BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) hypnosis allows us to access information that is not usually available. In BQH sessions soothing hypnosis is used to bring the participant to a deep expanded state of consciousness in which ego, filters, and the analytic mind no longer dominate perception. In this lucid state a unique journey unfolds within the participant’s awareness.

As a practitioner I am continually blown away by the exquisite, creative ways a person’s higher self orchestrates these journeys. BQH hypnosis sessions lead people into experiences that allow them to shift blocks and limiting beliefs; to understand their life patterns, relationship dynamics, and their life purpose; and ultimately provides them with a powerful sense of clarity, assurance, and deeper self-awareness.

This powerful modality allows people to connect with sacred inner knowing, multidimensional realities, galactic heritage, star-seed origins, past lives, future lives and parallel lives, or a multitude of other deep experiences that can offer profound personal insight, guidance, and healing.

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