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Create a vibrant life

 soundscape experiences that allows us to play in the oceans of our imagination in a way that is safe, deeply nurturing, healing, and empowering

Come As You Are

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This hypnosis meditation was created to assist with creating a more integrated, harmonious, and loving internal world. Changing the world from the inside out.

Forest Healing

with Mentor

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The Ruby Seed

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Long ago our tribal ancestors used sound, storytelling and trance to influence their reality. They understood that by coming together and using the power of their collective imagination they could harness energy and shape their reality. If they had an important hunt that would determine the group’s level of well-being for the next few months, they would take a journey together, collectively visualising the event and their desired outcome.

Today since we know that the body and unconscious don’t differentiate between events that happen in the real world, or in our imagination, it is easy to see how this process could be valuable.  I think we are just understanding the tip of the ice burg in terms of the potential usefulness of this type of collective work.

In the modern world our stories are externalised and fed to us on a screen. I am really excited and passionate to bring back more of this collective journeying where the story is animated internally in our mind’s eye. This allows us each to at once share the experience, and to personalise the visualisation in a way that makes it more meaningful to us.

I see the power of this work everyday at an individual level in the BQH sessions I do. The theta trance space has incredible potential at both an individual and collective level.

In the quantum field we can meet and connect, knowing that it does not matter where we are located in time and space. 

In this meditation listeners are gifted a Ruby Seed. This energetic seed can be used a powerful anchoring tool that will connect the listeners to the divine energies anytime they bring the seed into their awareness. 


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Free Royalty Free Nature Sounds Music composed by Liborio Conti.
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No Copyright Meditation Music | Music for Your Project - Copyright Free--Cindy Locher - The Relaxation Works
River Small - No Copyright Sound Effects - Audio Library
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Royalty Free Zone - Epic Journey
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